Family affairs

Family cases (divorce, divestment, protection against domestic violence, adoption or cancellation, determination of alimony)

A family lawyer — is a type of legal aid that is related to the particular nature of disputes and legal issues arising in the area of family law. The peculiarity of such assistance is that several family disputes or legal issues may need to be resolved in one family.
Family law issues are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine.
The main subject of family law disputes is marriage.

Marriage is one of the main categories of family law. It is after marriage that a person begins to create their own family. And from that moment on we can say with certainty that the rules of family law are coming into effect. Such rules – the rules of family law are codified in the Family Code of Ukraine. Therefore, the basic concept of family law is marriage. Marriage is a family union of a woman and a man registered with a state body for the registration of acts of civil status. Living with one family of a woman and a man without marriage is not a ground for their spouse’s rights and responsibilities, but actual marriage (marriage) is equivalent to a registered marriage in cases of separation.

Most of our citizens know who such a family lawyer is, unfortunately, only from foreign films and serials, where a rich and influential man consults with a family lawyer or family lawyer on any matter. But personal legal advice on family matters is NOT the prerogative of affluent businessmen and politicians.
For the Western world, having a person who can advise on family law and other family matters at any time of the day is the norm.

We adopt many European and American habits – the habit of visiting the same places as convenient for us, visiting the same hairdresser or the same sports club, but rarely do we trust the affairs of a family lawyer.

We do not yet have the habit of trusting one’s legal affairs with one another.

When necessary, without having a family lawyer, we are forced to trust all our affairs and secrets to an unfamiliar person, while family matters are a pedantic and personal sphere of life.

Why a family lawyer is needed.

In general, for many of us, a lawyer or a lawyer is the kind of person we turn to as a last resort and last resort. Although, many problems could be avoided if the advice of a family lawyer is obtained on time.

Some things that a person considers to be household and do not require legal intervention are not. For example, you flooded an apartment from below. Having a family lawyer, you could consult and plan how to behave in this situation. By solving the problem yourself, you risk not only bringing the case to court but also, for example, falling victim to blackmail and extortion by your neighbors. The help of a family law lawyer can, in turn, provide you with valuable advice, and participate in pre-litigation if necessary.

Why do you need a family lawyer? First, it will be able to address all the pressing issues for you where legal advice may be required. After signing the attorney’s order, he or she will be able to become your full legal representative and provide any legal assistance at any time of the day and any day of the week.

What matters can you entrust to a family lawyer – any family matters from representing your interests at a meeting of ACMH members, dissolving a marriage, splitting up marital property, determining the order of parental involvement in bringing up a child, recovering alimony, and much more, to criminal defense if prosecuted one of his wards (assistance to one of the family members listed in the contract). In other words, the services of a family lawyer can be quite diverse.

A family lawyer can also be called in the event of an accident. He will come to the point of contact, will advise you and correctly solve a number of issues, as well as make sure that the protocol is drawn up and will provide other necessary assistance. In other cases of clashes with law enforcement agencies (for example, if you were detained by police), you may also request that a family lawyer come to you.

Your family lawyer should also be entrusted with entering into contracts for the purchase or sale of real estate. Good family law attorneys will check the buyer / seller’s honesty and advise on the risks of contracting to avoid fraud and fraud from your buyer / seller. A family lawyer is entitled to resolve all family disputes, with your permission and in your best interests.

In accordance with family law, a family law attorney will also resolve disputes that arise within the family (questions about inheritance rights, divorce proceedings, etc.). Due to the competent behavior of your personal lawyer, many family disputes can be resolved without bringing them to court.

They hire a lawyer not only to resolve family disputes, but also to put family records in order. For example, it can recover lost documents, etc. It also addresses any family issues related to document preparation.

Any questions left? Fill out the form and we will get back to you

Any questions left? Fill out the form and we will get back to you